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. The 11-10-02 Foundation

Official Charity
of the
2005 Ms. American Volunteer Pageant



. About the 11-10-02 Foundation

The 11-10-02 Foundation is a nationally acclaimed,volunteer-driven organization that was created in 1998 by 25 year old restaurant doorman and substitute teacher Greg Forbes Siegman. Since then, thousands of individuals and hundreds of corporations throughout America and beyond have contributed their time, money & resources to The 11-10-02 Foundation. In turn, The 11-10-02 Foundation has taken these donations and made tens of thousands of dollars worth of in-kind, and direct financial, grants and scholarships to schools, universities & the students who attend them.

The Mission of The 11-10-02 Foundation is to break down racial, cultural, social and generational barriers and stereotypes while also funding grants and scholarships for students who need the financial assistance and who have demonstrated a degree of character, level of maturity and sense of work ethic that strongly suggests they will seize the opportunity if it is given to them. The Foundation has pursued this Mission through two programs: and Programs which the 11-10-02 Foundation oversees. For its efforts, The 11-10-02 Foundation and its volunteers have earned the praise of public figures ranging from Mayors, Governors and Senators to the last three United States Presidents. The organization, its volunteers and beneficiaries have received extensive praise in the local and national press as well. For their efforts, the foundation and its volunteers have also received some of the nation's most prestigious civic honors including two Jefferson Awards for Public Service (2000 and 2003) being named America's Daily Point of Light.

The 11-10-02 Foundation's different programs and projects assist different groups of people. The Program works with students of all cultures and all backgrounds because one of the program's goals is to bring diverse people together. The Foundation's Senior Service Program brings the Foundation's volunteer into local senior facilities to devote time and hopefully bring a smile to the faces of senior citizens. The Grant Program assists students and the schools which they attend. While these students have financial need, it is NOT the criteria by which they are selected. Depending on the grant, they are selected for qualities such as work ethic, attitude, character, decency, integrity, loyalty and their ability to deal with obstacles. The Scholarship Program assists students on their way to college and those who already attend college. These scholarships are given out based on a series of criteria -- each of which are based on a portion of the Foundation's Logo. For more information about the types of scholarships the 11-10-02 Foundation gives click here .

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