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New Pageant Launched for All Female Volunteers:

The Ms. American Volunteer Pageant, a new on-line/mail-in pageant, was created to recognize excellence in volunteer service, promote the importance of volunteering and is a pageant that works for a cause, as all of the proceeds from the 2004 pageant will benefit the 11-10-02 Foundation. The Ms. American Volunteer Pageant will donate the proceeds of the pageant to a different charity each year. The pageant is a pageant for all female volunteer. No pageant experience necessary! Women and teens from throughout the U.S. apply to represent their state or region and compete for a national title, great prizes and the chance to speak on the volunteer service platform of her choice, as a Ms. American Volunteer national title holder.

The Ms. American Volunteer Pageant is now accepting applications for the Miss Teen American Volunteer 2005 (ages 13-19), Ms. American Volunteer 2005 (ages 20-29) and the Ms. American Volunteer Woman 2005 (ages 30 & up) titles. Contestants are not judged on appearance or physical beauty but rather are judged solely on their volunteer service and compete in three categories; volunteer story, volunteer expression and volunteer service portfolio. Contestants also have the chance to win (side) special service awards in addition to competing for a national title. Winners will be announced on November 15, 2004. Thus far, the Ms. American Volunteer sponsors include Cards by VWilli, C.J.'s Graphics with Style Inc., Dawn Harrington-Ellis and Queens for Causes.

For more information on participating in or becoming a sponsor of the Ms. American Volunteer Pageant, e-mail or visit the website at