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Special Service Awards

All of the contestants in all of the age categories (Miss Teen, Ms. and Miss Woman) are automatically entered into these special service awards and need to do nothing more than submit the information for Ms. American Volunteer judging criteria. Each award winner will receive a certificate.

Leadership Award - For excellence in creating and implementing service project(s).

Director’s Award – For noteworthy demonstration of promoting one’s state or regional Ms. American Volunteer title.

Creative Service Award - For excellence in demonstration of implementing and/or participation in a very unique and creative service project(s).

Volunteer Spirit Award - For vigorous demonstration of devotion for promoting the importance of volunteering.

Volunteer Story Award - For excellence in submitting the most heart warming, touching story about one’s volunteer service.

Volunteer Photo Award - For the most heart warming, moving photo taken of one doing volunteer work.

Contestant's Choice Award - Much like the Miss Congeniality award at live pageants, this award is selected by other contestants. Contestants vote for the person they feel has done an exceptional job promoting her title and service platform as well as for the person who has been the nicest to everyone and had made the Ms. American Volunteer Pageant experience the most fun and enjoyable for everyone.



The Lifetime Volunteer Achievement Award

The following award is an optional special service award that is FREE to enter. Follow the guidelines for entering the optional Lifetime Volunteer Achievement Award below.

Lifetime Volunteer Achievement Award – For excellence in volunteer service from birth to the present.

Clearly mark that your entry is for the LVA award entry

Submit an extensive volunteer resume, seperate from the one used for competition and selecting the AV national winners. This resume should include information form all of the volunteer work you have done from birth to the present and include contact information to the organizations provided in your LVA award resume.

You may put your Lifetime Volunteer Achievement items together any way you like. It can be in a folder, journal, binder, scrapbook, papers that are stapled together, etc. The possibilities practically endless.

You CAN send us the information from your achievement and/or volunteer & community service books from other pageant systems to save time and effort but be sure to include all of the of your volunteer service work from your first to your last.

Photos and other forms of documentation for the Lifetime Volunteer Achievement may be attached and strongly encouraged. Documentation of other forms of volunteer work include (but aren't limited to), thank you and reference letters from organizations you work with, newspaper, magazine, newsletter and e-mail newsletter clippings, copies or photos of awards, copies of certificates, printed documents from websites where you are featured for volunteer work, printed pages from websites about volunteer work from websites that you run or others run, contact information to organization you volunteer for, etc.

You can use all of the same information and documents submitted for the Ms. American Volunteer title but be sure you include your volunteer work prior to the last 5 years for in addition to your last 5 years of service for this award.

Don't send original documents unless you have spare copies as they can become lost or be damage in the mail. Black and white and/or color copies are accepted and encouraged.

The layout of all of the documents can be set up anyway you choose. Be as creative as you like.

All items for the Lifetime Volunteer Achievement Award must be received by October 15, 2005. Entries received after the deadline will be rejected.

You may mail your items for the Lifetime Volunteer Achievement Award at anytime but it is strongly recommended that you mail it on or after September 15, 2005 so that you can include as much of your 2004 volunteer work with your entry as possible.

Mail your Lifetime Volunteer Achievement Award items to:

Ms. American Volunteer Pageant
P.O. Box 439375
Chicago, Illinois 60643

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