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Winner's Duties

Upon winning the title of Miss Teen American Volunteer, Ms. American Volunteer or Ms. American Volunteer Woman, there are certain rules that must be followed:

Winners grant permission to the AV pageant to use her photographs and/or likeness for advertising and promotional purposes.

If selected as one of the national winners you will be required to sign a contract stating that you will make no less than six appearances as an American Volunteer National titleholder during your reign. You may schedule your own or may be contacted about making appearances by the Ms. American Volunteer Pageant. We expect that every effort will be made to promote your title and the pageant system.

If the Ms. American Volunteer Pageant decides that a national title holder is not holding up her responsibilities as a national American Volunteer Pageant winner, she may be asked to forfiet her title.

National winners receive the crown sash and crown pin portion of their prizes immediately after the announcement of the winners and the receipt of the signed winner's contract and the other half after all appearance have been fulfilled as a Ms. American Volunteer national titleholder. National AV Pageant winners are not required to hold the national title exclusively.

You may or may not compete in other local, state and regional pageants during your reign but may not hold any other volunteer titles during your reign. We also ask that you do not compete in another national pageant, live or on-line/mail-in, during your reign for a period of 6 months unless prior permission is granted from the national office or you will forfeit the remainder of your prizes and the title will go to the 1st runner-up or unless youhave fulfilled all 6 of your appearnce obligations.

If you are unwilling to sign the contract you forfeit your title and it and the prizes will be given to the first runner up.

All national winners agree to submit one full or half length (from the stomach and above) professional photograph in AV crown and sash, one professional face photo without crown and sash and a bio to the Ms. American Volunteer Pageant within 35 days of her crowning. If a national winner fails to complete this requirement, the crown, sash and prizes must be immediately returned to the pageant office and it, along with the title and remaining prizes will be awarded to the first runner-up who will then assume the duties as the new American Volunteer national titleholder and will have to adhere to all of the responsibility and rules of the winner's duties.

All national winners agree to stay in contact with the Ms. American Volunteer Pageant via U.S. mail, e-mail or phone concerning appearance schedule and other activities for the purpose of adding her events and appearance activities to her webpage on the Ms. American Volunteer website. Until the mandatory 6 appearances as a Ms. American Volunteer titleholder are complete, if a national winner fails to inform the pageant office of her appearances as a titleholder for more than 2 consecutive months, the Ms. American Volunteer Pageant may award the national title and remaining prizes to the first runner-up.

All prizes that are sponsored are subject to change at anytime and without prior notice and the Ms. American Volunteer Pageant does not assume responsibility for sponsors who do not follow through with offered prizes.

The part of the prize package that is not sponsored and is guaranteed is the national crown and sash. All other prizes are sponsored and are subject to change at anytime.

The Ms. American Volunteer Pageant reserves the right to disqualify a national titleholder for reasons including, but not limited to, poor sportsmanship, illegal conduct, poor representation of the Ms. American Volunteer system, etc.

All national winners are required to submit information and photos to the American Volunteer pageant for entry to the American Volunteer Pageant quarterly newsletter.

All national American Volunteer Pageant titleholders are requeired to write on the subject of her choice and submit at least one article for the American Volunteer pageant newsletter during her reign in addition to submiting information and photos of events she attends durring her reign.

The Ms. American Volunteer Pageant reserves the right to amend the winners duties at any time and without notice.

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