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On-line Entry Form
Ms. American Volunteer Pageant

Application available only on-line and applications accepted only through this on-line form or via e-mail. No more mail in entries accepted.

State/Regional Title. Choose 3:
Volunteer Story: We want your personal volunteer story, not someone else's! In your volunteer story talk about things such as when you became involved in volunteer work, why you volunteer, how volunteering has impacted your life, what you have learned from serving others, etc. Please do not write your story in question answer form but in the form of a story. Volunteer stories will be judged based on creativity and emotional impact.
Volunteer Expression: Complete these statements: What volunteering means to me is... and If selected as a Ms. American Volunteer titleholder, I would use my title to... Entries can be submitted in question and answer form or be written in story form as long as both questions are fully answered. For the volunteer expression, we would like you to tell us things like what you would do with the title if you won, how would you use it to make a difference, how would you promote the title, what message would you promote (examples: the importance of volunteering, Breast Cancer, Lupus, AIDS) during your reign, etc? The what volunteer means to me question can be answered anyway you choose.
Volunteer Service Resume: Much like a traditional resume, list the volunteer jobs you've performed over the last 5 years. Include, organization names, volunteer duties, and the span of time you worked with the organization etc. Be as creative as you like with your volunteer resume. On a separate sheet of paper also include contact information for at three references only. Include contact info for one personal reference which can be a family member, a co-worker, friend, boss, etc and two references for organizations you volunteer/volunteered for. Make sure the contact information for your references are correct as they may be contacted by the Ms. American volunteer Pageant.
On-line Signature. Entrants under 18 years of age please have a parent send an e-mail of consent to for you to compete in this on-line competition

E-mail your photos for the Volunteer Service Photos part of the competition to
Volunteer Service Photos: In form of photos tell us about your involvement in community service and volunteer activities. Include things like copies of awards, certificates, photos, contact information to organizations (address, phone numbers, e-mail addresses, website addresses, etc), reference letters, newspaper, magazine, newsletter and e-newsletter clippings, number of hours you've volunteered, volunteer service resume and any other forms of documentation that will verify participation in the volunteer work you submit for the Ms. American Volunteer pageant.

NOTE: Contestants who are under 18 years old please have at least one parent's signature on your application form. Applications of contestants under the age of 18 that do not have a parent's signature will not be entered into the contest.

All materials are to be received by January 1, 2006. One point per day will be deducted for any that are received after this deadline.  You also have the option to submit all of your competition materials via e-mail Send completed entry information to:

Click here to see the judging criteria.