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AV News
Ms. American Volunteer Pageant

Check back for press releases, news and announcements for the Ms. American Volunteer Pageant and the Ms. American Volunteer state and regional contestants. Click links below.

Spotlight on Contestants News and Announcements
                 Kendra Strickland, Miss Teen Texas American Volunteer is one of three quarterly featured queens for the summer of '04.
                 Nancy Bradwell, Ms. Louisianna American Volunteer Woman 2004 is selcted as April 2004 Queenly Duties Spotlight for her outstanding volunteer work as a pageant queen.
                 AV Director is one of three quarterly features queens.
              Nancy Bardwell, Ms. Louisiana AV Woman '04 launches personal pageant website
                   Hahn Chau, Ms. California AV '04 starts Beauty Pageants 110 group 
              Nancy Bardwell, Ms Louisiana AV Woman '04 wins United Woman of Achievement title
Ms. American Volunteer Pageant News and Announcements
               AV National Director is selected as a Queens of New York team member to help fight AIDS
               New Pageant Launched for all Female Volunteers
               New Pageant Launched for all Female Volunteers
              Ms. American Volunteer's National Director is the  January 2004 Spotlight
              Ms. American Volunteer's National Director on the Turn For The Judges Winner's Court
                  Ms. American Volunteer National Director winsthe Ms. PG Volunteer 2004 title

American Volunteer Pageant Quarterly Newletter

Spring 2004 Newsletter